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Welcome to my blog. I started this so I can show off my growing collecting of obsolete technology and write about some of my experiences both past and present. I mostly consider this a public journal but if you come along for the ride I welcome you! 

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Blog entry not loading?

A few people informed me they're having difficulty accessing the site's blog posts. If you're seeing just a continual 3 dots attempting to load, it seems to be an issue with certain AdBlocker software in Firefox. I personally use Firefox and uBlock Origin and I can load my site fine on a PC, Mac, and Linux. If you want to run AdBlockers, I don't personally have a problem with that, it just doesn't always work with my current interface.

I'm planning to migrate my content to something more user friendly anyway, but in the meantime I ask that you either disable any AdBlocker software or try a different browser, if you're having trouble loading it. If you'd like to provide some constructive feedback feel free to e-mail me at, just make sure to include as much info as you can (ie: browser version, enabled add-ons, ect.) I don't code the site myself, so thanks for your patience. I'm going to be learning HTML though, so hopefully I can get a much cooler interface going!

Thanks for checking out my content!