Who is TechKnight486?

Born in 87, Raised in the 90s. Never Grew up!

I'm just an average guy trying to either relive some of my childhood, or experience things I didn't get a chance to experience at the time. These are my observations, rants, memories. Over the years I've been collecting technology, and lately i've been inspired by some of my favorite YouTubers to share my story and collection with the world.

Check out my first blog entry for my origin story below!

People and channels I like

A lot of these guys have inspired me to start my writing. I thought it would be fitting to credit them, I enjoy their content and I think others should too. 

Lazy Game Reviews

I sent him a few of my thrift store finds he kindly posted on LGR Thifts.

The 8-Bit Guy

Not only do I love this reviews of technology, but his 8-Bit Keys channel inspired me to play synth music!


His tinkering directly inspired my tinkering. I probably wouldn't of tried to play with half the things I tried without seeing him do something similar. His channel was the first one that made me realize I don't need everything to be shiny and perfect to produce good content. 


I enjoy hearing Pat and Ian discuss gaming news.  I often put them on while I'm at work, or playing Team Fortress 2.

Gaming Historian

His content is so professional and interesting. 

Adam Koralik

Watching him give his personal stories about game systems inspired me to do the same.